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History of the Church


Immaculate Conception Church, Manjummel, is situated, at almost 4 kms south from Edappally Jn. and at same distance on western part of North Kalamassery, Ernakulam, Kerala- India. This monastery-church belongs to the Order of Discalced Carmelites of the Province of Manjummel and is under the archdiocese of Verapoly.


The archdiocese of Verapoly is indebted very much to the Carmelites for its growth. The Carmelites had a humble beginning in Kerala. The first indigenous religious congregation in Kerala was begun in 1831, at Mannanam without a distinction between Latin & Syrian communities. They were known as the Third Order of Discalced Carmelites (T. O. C. D.). In 1857 as a result of the hard work by some Latin Christians and native priests, they established a monastery at Koonammavu. But in a long run the community at Koonanmavu didn’t succeed in its growth. Afterwards, Bishop Bernadine Bechinelli tried his best to found a monastery for the Latin Community and decided to establish it at Manjummel. He had good ability in architecture and good knowledge in Vasthu. He designed a plan for the up coming church too. Unfortunately, Bishop Bernadine Bechinelli returned to His Father’s house before the commencement of this work. So he was not able to complete the work of the monastery building. So his successor Most Rev. Dr. Leonard Mellano OCD completed the work. Seminary started for the Latin Priests at Koonammavu was re-set at Manjummel on 1874, April 26.


Although, Bishop Bernadine Bechinelli had drawn the plan for the new church, the successors were not able to understand his plan. So Dr.Leonard Mellano decided to make a new plan and he invited Brother Brinjindhal, a German architecture to create a new plan. He designed a new plan and made a model of church in wood. This model is placed now in the new museum known as Carmel Heritage.

In 1876, September 26, Bishop Leonard Mellano laid the foundation stone for the church. Due to financial crisis, the work of the church was delayed. But with the contributions of kind-hearted people and well wishers, the construction was completed on December 1892. The blessing ceremony was done on 1892, December 4. On December 8, the feast of Immaculate Mary was also celebrated. In 1893, April 18, the dedication of the church also was done by the Bishop Rev. Dr. Leonard Mellano.


Immaculate Conception Church is a magnificent edifice which blends the German architecture with that of Indian. There are seven altars in the church; one main altar and 6 sub altars. Beside the main altar, beautified sculptures are there. The main statue of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, which is kept behind the main altar in the visibility of all, was originally brought from Belgium. On either side, the statues of Sts. Joachim and Anna of the parents of Our Mother are placed. On the pillars adjacent to the wall the statues of the four Evangelists, the twelve apostles and Sts. Barbara and Rosa are set, each having one and half feet height. The Episcopal Chair which was used by the hen archbishop, is placed on the right side of the main altar. In the centre of the church, there is also an underground cemetry.
In 1911, Manjummel church became a parish and first parish priest was Fr. Xavier Thattassery. The centenary of the church being a parish was celebrated on 2- 4 September 2012.


• In 1893, April 19, Most. Rev. Leonard Mellano presides over the Second Synod of Archdiocese of Verapoly.
• Silver Jubilee of the ordination of Bishop Leonard Mellano was celebrated here on 1893, November 15.
• International Synod was conducted here on 1894, April 1, 8, 15. So many famous personalities attended this Soonahados.
• Third Synod of the Archdiocise of Verapoly on 1896, December 15-16, Synod was conducted here.
• Obituary of Most Rev. Leonard Mellano Bishop.
• Marian Jubilee:-
• In 1943, Golden Jubilee of dedication of the church was celebrated Dr.Joseph Attipetty Bishop presided over the grand function. Golden jubilee of Manjummel parish was also celebrated on 1961.

The Parish Priests who led the Imaculate Conception Church :

Rev. Fr. Xavier Thattassery TOCD 1911-13

Rev. Fr. Michael Puthenparambil TOCD 1913-20

Rev. Fr. Xavier Thattassery TOCD 1920-23

Rev. Fr. Michael Puthenparambil TOCD 1923-29

Rev. Fr. George Antony Palliparambil TOCD 1929-31

Rev. Fr. Angel Kuruppassery TOCD 1931-32

Rev. Fr. Francis Kallungal TOCD 1932-39

Rev. Fr. George Antony Palliparambil TOCD 1939-42

Rev. Fr. Stanislaus TOCD 1942-48

Rev. Fr. Francis Gregory Acharuparambil TOCD 1948-51

Rev. Fr. Augustine Chirayath TOCD 1951-54

Rev. Fr. Francis Gregory Acharuparambil TOCD 1954-57

Rev. Fr. Basil Koodarappilly OCD 1957-60

Rev. Fr. Beneventure Kattiparambil OCD 1960-63

Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Mannarkudy OCD 1963-66

Rev. Fr. Silvester Joseph Kalloor OCD 1966-69

Rev. Fr. Peter Puthenpurackal OCD 1969

Rev. Fr. Paulinus Maloth OCD 1969-72

Rev. Fr. Raymond Kodiparambil OCD 1972-75

Rev. Fr. John Pallth OCD 1975-78

Rev. Fr. Paul Kattiparambil OCD 1978-81

Rev. Fr. William Chelatt OCD 1981-82

Rev. Fr. Joh Pallath OCD 1982-84

Rev. Fr. Raphael Painadeth OCD 1984-87

Rev. Fr. Alexander Karikkassery OCD 1987-90

Rev. Fr. Linus Puthenveettil OCD 1990-93

Rev. Fr. Cleetus Nedeeparambil OCD 1993-96

Rev. Fr. Michael Kannervilakkakath OCD 1996-97

Rev. Fr. Dennis Tharayil OCD 1997-99

Rev. Fr. Francis Thannippilly OCD 1999-2005

Rev. Fr. Linus Puthenveettil OCD 2005-2008

Rev. Fr. Paul Kattiparambil OCD 2008-2011

Rev. Fr. Basil Padua OCD 2011- to this day